Getting Started

Thank you for supporting TraffikFlo in your community. You're now one step closer to safely and easily managing your store traffic!

1. Unbox your sign and select a window location easily visible to your patrons.  

2. Attach the self-adhesive VELCRO® dots on the front of the sign in the spaces provided. Place the sign on the window making sure to press lightly at each corner so the dots stick firmly.

3. Plug in your sign, or use a power bank portable charger (not included).4. Download the TraffikFlo app to your smartphone using either the App Store or Google Play. Alternatively, the sign can also be controlled through your Chrome web browser at

5. Make sure your sign is on. Press ‘Scan Devices’ in the app, select your TraffikFlo sign once detected and then connect to your sign using PIN 999999 when prompted. Change your PIN in settings, so that other devices cannot connect.

6. Begin controlling your TraffikFlo using either Manual or Counter Mode. Counter Mode allows you to input your max number of patrons and adjust your capacity as needed. 

TraffikFlo app uses Bluetooth® to communicate with your sign. It does not use any phone or WIFI data AND is very efficient on battery life. Whoohoo!

For added support, watch our phone pairing tutorial.