Why isn’t my mobile app working?

Your TraffikFlo app should automatically detect, pair and communicate with your sign through Bluetooth, but if it’s not working there are some steps you can take.

Certain Android and older mobile devices require more steps than others. Begin by restarting your app before each step and continue until the app appears to be running consistently. In some cases, restarting your phone may help.

  1. If pairing your app to your sign for the first time, please use PIN 999999 unless your PIN has been changed in settings. 
  2. Close the app and restart your sign.
  3. Reset the sign by turning it off and on twice within 5 seconds, then restart the app.
  4. Clear the Bluetooth cache in your phone settings by selecting TraffikFlo under ‘Devices’. Choose ‘Forget This Device' then restart your app. You will automatically be asked to pair your sign again from there.
  5. Turn off ‘Low Power Mode’ in your phone settings.
  6. Turn off ‘Adaptive Battery’ in your phone settings.
  7. Turn off WIFI in your phone settings. 
  8. Engage ‘Airplane Mode’ while making sure your Bluetooth remains on.

    Why aren’t the buttons on my app lighting up?

    If the buttons aren't lighting up, you will be notified that the sign and app are no longer connected. Close the app, reopen and pair your sign again from there.

    The power cord won’t reach an outlet.

    If the outlet is more than one meter away from your sign, you will need to use an extension cord or rechargeable power bank. We suggest one from a reputable supplier which has: 

    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Overcharge and Overvoltage protection
    • Battery Level Indicator so you know when to recharge

      Is my sign safe?

      Yes, TraffikFlo has been FCC approved and we've undergone extra testing to make sure your sign is entirely safe to use indoors.

      When can I expect delivery?

      You can expect one to two days for us to process your order, plus standard shipping times which you will receive at checkout.  

      Is there a warranty for my sign?

      Yes! We offer a 1 year warranty from your date of purchase.

      Interested in selling TraffikFlo?

      Contact us at info@traffikflo.com

      Have a different question?

      Contact support@traffikflo.com and someone from our team will get back to you within 24 hours!