About Us

Hi. We’re Damian and Tara,

Tara hailing from Kingston Ontario and Damian, an Englishman from Pinner, Middlesex and recent Canadian Permanent Resident. We’re a husband and wife team from Toronto and the inventors of TraffikFlo; a small business supporting small businesses.

Like so many of us, Covid-19 has had a drastic impact on our respective industries, specifically Damian’s event technology company WXM. And as work began to grind to a halt in early March of 2020, we found ourselves trundling up and down the streets of our neighbourhood, wondering what the future would hold.

What we began to realize on these walks, was that the shopping experience had also changed. We used to love popping in and out of stores, picking up little treats and trinkets along the way. But now with the glare on most windows, it was difficult to count how many people were inside, plus we didn't want to take up room when someone else may want to buy something. But it wasn't until we went to our local coffee shop one morning and were asked by the barista behind the counter to wait outside, that we thought to ourselves, there had to be a better way. Having to tell customers not to come in seemed less than ideal.

And thus, out of necessity and designed with small retailers in mind, TraffikFlo was born! Since Damian's company WXM specializes in interactive technology we got to work, thinking up the housing of our circuit boards with the help of a local small business, and producing the units with a local printing house. We hired an Ontario based electrical engineer to safety check our work and a small testing facility here in Toronto to award our safety certifications.

We've learned a lot through this process and have relied on our customers to spread the word to other small retailers across Canada. We're excited to say, we're gradually getting noticed now in America and the UK and plan to keep going until the day our little project is no longer needed.

We thank you all for your support and hope our traffic solution helps you with your business!

Damian and Tara